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Realtime dashboard

Plausible Analytics features a realtime view that tells you what's happening on your site live at that moment.

Realtime dashboard

You can get to the realtime dashboard by clicking on the number of "current visitors" or selecting "Realtime" in the date picker in the top right. You can also view the realtime dashboard by pressing the R key on your keyboard.

The realtime dashboard will look familiar to you. All the same reports and metrics are there as in our default dashboard. You can also filter the realtime dashboard by any metric you click on. The realtime dashboard is updated every 30 seconds, so you don't have to refresh it to stay up to date.

In the top chart, you can see the number of current visitors (defined as those that visited your site in the last 5 minutes), the number of unique visitors in the previous 30 minutes and the total number of page views in the last 30 minutes. In the graph itself, you can choose to display the number of unique visitors or page views in the previous 30 minutes.

Top Sources, Top Pages, Locations and Devices reports all show the traffic in the last 5 minutes. The Goal Conversions report shows the number of conversions in the previous 30 minutes.