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Introduction to goal conversions and behavior analytics

Adding or searching for Goals

Goals allow you to track actions that you want your visitors to take on your site. Actions such as signing up to a newsletter, clicking on a "Download" button, registering for a trial account, purchasing a product, clicking on an external link, downloading a file or completing a checkout form of an ecommerce store.

A goal can be a custom event or a pageview.

By setting up custom events or pageviews as goals, you can track the number of conversions, conversion rate, referrer sources and entry pages that are driving conversions and the top pages that people convert on. You can also follow the visitor journey using funnels.

After setting up a goal, it will show up in the "Goal Conversions" section of your dashboard as soon as we record the first conversion. Then you can click on the particular goal to filter your dashboard by it and get all the insights on the traffic that has converted on that specific goal.

There are several types of behavior analytics tools in Plausible Analytics:

  • Pageview goals allow you to measure how many people visit a specific page or section of your site. Use pageview goals to track the "thank you" page or the order confirmation page. Since pageviews are collected automatically, you don’t need to change your website’s code to measure pageview goals. This makes them the easiest way to start tracking conversions on your site.
  • Custom event goals allow you to measure button clicks, purchases, subscriptions, form completions, clicks on video or audio elements and pretty much any other action that you wish (you can also send custom dimensions alongside custom events for extra insights)
  • Funnel analysis allow you to follow the visitor journey from a landing page to a conversion in order to uncover possible issues, optimize your site and increase the conversion rate.
  • Ecommerce revenue tracking allows you to assign dynamic monetary values to goals and custom events to track revenue attribution.
  • Custom properties allow you to send custom data with pageviews and custom events to create custom metrics.
  • Outbound link clicks allow you to automatically measure clicks on external links
  • File downloads allow you to automatically track when a visitor clicks a link leading to a file
  • 404 error pages allow you to automatically measure page not found errors
  • We also have a way to automatically track clicks on cloaked affiliate links and other pretty URLs